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If herbs are important to you, then the quality of those herbs is crucial. Frontier is concerned about quality from the ground up. Kalyx visit growers all over the world to build quality-conscious relationships. At home, kalyx study cultivation methods for improved quality on our own research farms. An in-house lab thoroughly inspects each product shipped for flavor, color, aroma, moisture and volatile oil content. No irradiated products are accepted. Kalyx make sure that just the right parts of each herb have been harvested at exactly peak time for optimal flavor, and actively recruit quality organic herbs. Only products that pass rigorous testing are approved and released for production and purchase online

herbs are kept in highly controlled storage conditions, with strict sanitation rules enforced thoroughout handling, processing and packaging. Kalyx package herbs in materials that ensure optimum shelf life. Every step of the way, a quality assurance team monitors the producs.

chinese seasoning blend Chinese Seasoning Blend 2.0 oz

All Frontier Bottled Spices are freshness dated, non-irradiated, safety sealed and feature a convenient shaker top for easy use. Our exceptional quality herbs and spices have made Frontier the leading brand of natural and organic spices. We offer the largest selection of certified organic bottled herbs and spices, including our top-selling organic cinnamon, oregano, basil, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Most of Frontierýs Bottled Spices are kosher certified. Due to the variable cut and density of herbs and spices, the weight stated here may differ slightly from the actual weight of the product received.

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